Colin Armstrong
San Francisco Bay Area, California
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I'm Colin. I'm working on something new in web3.

I used to be an engineering manager & senior SWE at Google, from 2017 - 2022. I managed the Communications Abuse team, responsible for protecting billions of users across numerous Google products.

In 2015, I spent some time working at Coinbase. I helped launch Coinbase in Canada, and I improved their anti-abuse infrastructure.

I've also built a handful of side-projects. I've built a flight-deal-finding Facebook messenger chatbot that found millions of dollars worth of flight deals (micro-acquired in 2017); a minimal uptime monitoring platform (micro-acquired in 2020); and a location-based livestreaming app (acquisition offer in 2015).

My interests include privacy, cryptocurrency, anti-abuse, good UX, and coffee. ☕️

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