I’m Colin Armstrong. I'm helping creators build media empires.

I'm interested in technology - how it works, how it's made, how it can be improved, and ultimately how it can impact the lives of others.

When confronted with things that don't make sense, I love asking, Why? It seems my entire life has been a series of posing questions & chasing answers.

Ever since a young age I felt like this. When I got my first cellphone at age 15 - an old Android Samsung Galaxy - I asked, Why is it slow?, so I built my own custom ROM, optimized the heck out of it, and released it online.

Shortly after that, I asked, Why is it so hard to make a living online? I built tons of projects to help answer this question, both for myself and for others - an online publication in 2011; a Bitcoin bank in 2012; a distributed kickstarter dApp in 2014; and a Bitcoin-based P2P marketplace in 2015.

Working on crypto led to another question - Why is it so hard to buy and sell Bitcoin? In 2015 I joined Coinbase to help get this answered. I worked on the team that launched Coinbase in Canada, and made improvements to their Bitcoin private-key storage & anti-abuse infrastructure.

This exposure to anti-abuse led me to ask many questions about spam including the motivation, prevalance, and techniques to mitigate. I joined Google and led their Communications Anti-Abuse team for 5 years, protecting billions of users from millions of abusive messages and phone calls every day.

Now, I'm revisiting why it's so hard to make a living online. I'm founder & CEO at Paragraph, where I'm aiming to get this question answered once and for all.